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Five Facts about Respite Care

The more that you understand about respite care, the more likely you’re going to take advantage of it when you can. Here’s what you need to know as a caregiver.

Caregiver Homewood AL - Five Facts about Respite Care
Caregiver Homewood AL – Five Facts about Respite Care

Respite Can Be Flexible

No one caregiving situation is the same as any other and no respite experience is, either. You can tailor respite care to your needs and to your senior’s needs, which is what you need from every type of care. This allows you to have respite actually meet your needs, rather than you trying to force your situation to fit respite.

You Can Actually Leave the House

Lots of caregivers are shocked at the idea of actually leaving for a while. But when respite care is in place, that’s your chance to shed the mantle of “caregiver” for a few hours and remember who you are as a person. That’s vital for you and for your mental health.

You Can Learn from Respite

Respite can teach you a lot, if you allow it to. Respite care providers help a lot of people in a lot of situations. They’ve seen and experienced a lot and they can help you to streamline some of what you’re doing. They may have advice and if you’re open to it, that advice can make your life easier.

Respite Allows Your Senior to Stay at Home

For so many seniors, staying at home is the most important part of any type of care that’s available. Going anywhere else, whether it’s for a temporary situation or not, feels like the first step in being forced to leave their home entirely. That doesn’t have to be the case for your elderly family member if you’re willing to bring the care to her.

You’re a Better Caregiver When You Have Respite Time

Whether you realize it at first or not, you’re a better caregiver when you’re taking care of yourself. That means that your needs are being met and you’re not struggling yourself. Respite time gives you a chance to hear your own still, small voice and to listen to it on a more regular basis. That allows you to be more present when you’re back on duty as a caregiver.

Respite care is something that you need as a caregiver. If you still don’t feel confident accepting that level of help, at least keep it in mind. At some point, you’re likely going to realize just how much respite can do for you.

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