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What Can You Do to Make Incontinence Easier on Your Senior?

Incontinence is a difficult problem to manage. There are a wide range of possible causes and there are so many different products that might help your senior. There’s also the added pressure of making sure that her skin is cared for properly, so the entire process can feel really intense.

Have a Frank Talk with Your Senior’s Doctor

Elder Care Vestavia Hills AL - What Can You Do to Make Incontinence Easier on Your Senior?
Elder Care Vestavia Hills AL – What Can You Do to Make Incontinence Easier on Your Senior?

Incontinence is embarrassing, but if there are medical causes or medical treatments that could help, you need to work with your senior’s doctor in order to figure that out. There might be a variety of different medical solutions you can try. If those work, that definitely pays off for your senior. Your senior may also be able to adjust medications she’s taking for other conditions in order to manage her incontinence issues.

Make Sure You Keep Your Senior Involved

There’s nothing more embarrassing for someone with incontinence issues than having everyone else talk around them instead of to them. Your senior needs to be involved in all of this because it’s a situation that directly affects her. If there are decisions or choices that need to be made, be sure that you’re keeping her as involved in those as you can.

Make Sure You’re Using Incontinence Products Properly

Incontinence products aren’t necessarily difficult to use, but they do come with instructions for a reason. When you follow those instructions as closely as possible, you’re increasing the likelihood that those products work well for your senior, don’t fail, and that they’re as comfortable as possible. Also, when you’re complying with the directions as closely as possible, that helps you to determine if this is definitely a product that is either right for your senior or isn’t the one that she needs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Products Occasionally

It’s also important to try new products every once in a while. There are new technologies developing every day, even in the field of incontinence products. Trying out something new every now and then could give your senior the perfect chance to find something that works even better for her than her current products. That can be huge in terms of helping her to feel as confident as possible.

Something else that can help is to work with elder care providers. Elder care aides have experience with helping aging adults to deal with incontinence issues and they can offer you tips that can be really effective.

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