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What Home Care Services Do for Aging Adults

There are many misconceptions when it comes to home care services. Many people think caregivers are there to take over. Once you hire a professional caregiver, you lose your independence. That’s not the case. Here are the things a home care aide will do for your mom and dad.


Home Care Services Vestavia Hills AL - What Home Care Services Do for Aging Adults
Home Care Services Vestavia Hills AL – What Home Care Services Do for Aging Adults

Your parents are alone all day. While they have each other for company, they tend to get on each other’s nerves by the end of the week. They both call and ask you when you’ll be stopping by.

Hire companionship services for them. They’ll have a caregiver available to play games with them, join them on walks, take them shopping, or engage them in activities and hobbies.

Errands and Shopping

Your parents don’t like to run errands. Mobility may be the issue, or they may not want to expose themselves to others due to chronic health conditions. Whatever the situation, they can have caregivers run errands for them.

On the way to their house, the home care aide can pick up a prescription refill, stop and get the groceries they ordered, or get the books they want to borrow from the library. They can have their caregiver do the shopping for them if they’re not comfortable with online shopping.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Arthritis, lack of mobility, and loss of cognitive skills are just three of the reasons your parents may have a harder time with routine housework. Instead of having you stop by each week to do the laundry, cook meals, and clean the home, they could hire caregivers.

Caregivers can run the vacuum, mop floors, wipe down surfaces, and do the dishes. They do the laundry. After the laundry is clean and dry, caregivers can also iron it and put it away if desired.

Meal Preparation

Your parents hate to cook and rely on takeout and delivery. Maybe, they go out for fast food several times a week. You’re worried that they’re eating the wrong foods, which is going to worsen their health.

Talk to our home care services agency about meal preparation services. They can have caregivers cooking meals, preparing snacks, and joining them while they eat.

Organization and Scheduling

Keeping track of your mom and dad’s many appointments is getting harder. They make appointments and don’t tell you. Or, they forget they’ve made one and miss it.

Hire home care services aides to make appointments for them. The caregiver will let you know when an appointment is coming up. If you can’t get the day off, the caregiver can drive them.

Another Service Home Care Services Provides is Transportation

Have caregivers drive your parents to the places they want to go. Your mom needs to go grocery shopping, so have an aide drive her. Your dad has a dental check-up. The caregiver can drive him there, too.

Talk to your mom and dad and get their list of questions. When you call our home care services expert, be sure to ask your parents’ questions. They need to have as much say in the hiring process as possible. Make the call and learn more about the cost of home care services available in their area.

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