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Homecare Assists with Senior Bone Health

One of the main health concerns for elderly people is bone health. There are so many elderly people who are diagnosed with osteoporosis and/or other bone conditions. The truth is that bones do become less dense as people get older. The decreased density raises the risk of fractures and breaks. It also causes the bones to take longer to heal. With this being said, there are some tips for better bone health for the elderly. These are tips that you and their homecare aides should share with your elderly loved one today.

Eating Better

Homecare Trussville AL - Homecare Assists with Senior Bone Health
Homecare Trussville AL – Homecare Assists with Senior Bone Health

It is important for senior citizens to eat a balanced diet. Research shows that eating this type of diet can decrease the risk of bone health issues. If your elderly loved one is getting enough magnesium, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium, they will be less likely to experience bone fractures and breaks. If they do happen to get a fracture or a break, they are more likely to heal quicker than if they aren’t eating a balanced diet. If you aren’t sure what should be on your elderly loved one’s meal plan, you or a homecare provider should schedule them a doctor’s appointment. The doctor can set your elderly loved one up with a nutritionist to go over healthy, balanced meal plans.

Doing Weight-Bearing Exercises with Homecare Assistance

Your elderly loved one should also be doing regular weight-bearing exercises. These types of exercises help to boost bone health. They also help to reduce the risk of bone fractures and breaks. In addition, if your elderly lo elderly loved one does regular weight-bearing exercises they can build their muscle strength. This can help them to move around easier and exercise better, too. If you hire homecare providers, they can help your elderly loved one to follow an exercise routine that includes these types of exercises. Some weight-bearing exercises that might be in this routine include using stair machines, doing squats, practicing yoga, or using resistance bands.

Improving Coordination and Balance

It is also important for elderly people to improve their coordination and balance. The better coordination and balance your elderly loved one has, the less likely they will be to fall. Fewer or no falls means less chances for bones to fracture or break. If needed, you can have a homecare provider stay with your elderly loved one while they practice improving their coordination and balance. You can look up exercises to improve these things online.

These are some of the tips for bone health management for the elderly. Share these tips with your elderly loved one today to reduce their risk of bone fractures and breaks.

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