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Learn More About the Different Stages of Dementia

Learn More About the Different Stages of Dementia

Dementia is a category of diseases associated with memory loss and deterioration of mental functions. It is due to physical changes that occur in the brain and is a progressive condition. Its progression depends on its underlying causes but most people share the same symptoms as they experience the different stages of dementia. Whatever the stage and type of dementia one may have, it is easier to deal with such a condition with the help of senior care services provided by caregivers and professionals from health facilities.

The stages of dementia are:

  • Mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
    Mild cognitive impairment is characterized by losing things frequently, being forgetful, and having trouble speaking or picking out words to use when speaking.
  • Mild dementia
    This is characterized by short-term memory loss, personality changes, misplacing things, having difficulty in solving problems, having trouble with expressing one’s thoughts, and getting lost often.
  • Moderate dementia
    This is characterized by increased confusion, poor judgment, greater memory loss, needing assistance with easy tasks, behavioral changes, and changes in sleeping patterns.
  • Severe dementia
    This is characterized by a loss of the ability to communicate, needing full-time daily assistance with tasks, loss of physical capabilities, memory loss, and increased susceptibility to infections.

So, if your loved one is suffering from dementia, never hesitate to help them out by availing of the services of a professional caregiver. Home care providers and nursing homes can provide a lot of helpful services related to dementia care. If you live in the southeast region of America, a handful of facilities can help you get in touch with an elderly caregiver in Alabama.

Caring for someone who has dementia may become exhausting. But, never lose hope. Contact us at Helping Hearts Senior Care today if you need a trusted and compassionate provider of home care in Birmingham, Alabama.

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