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Companion Care at Home Assists After Developing Heart Disease

Your mom’s been diagnosed with heart disease. She’s not alone. Almost seven percent of the population has coronary artery disease. Learning you have heart disease is stressful. Many people end up suffering from depression. They may become anxious, especially when they live alone. Does this sound like your mom? Companion care at home can be an ideal solution following her diagnosis.

Companion Care at Home Hoover AL - Companion Care at Home Assists After Developing Heart Disease
Companion Care at Home Hoover AL – Companion Care at Home Assists After Developing Heart Disease

She’ll need to listen to her doctor and make several lifestyle changes. Her diet may need to change. She may need to follow her doctor’s guidance on exercise. Prescription medications are likely. All of this takes adjustment.

How Can Companion Care at Home Services Help?

What can your mom do after learning she has heart disease? Her doctor may tell her to limit heavy lifting. If she underwent heart surgery, it will be months before she should carry her vacuum up the stairs. She can’t drive until she’s given medical approval.

Transportation services are one thing a caregiver provides. Your mom has a caregiver available to drive her to her medical appointments, drive her to the store, or take her on scenic drives.

Companion care at home aides can help your mom with housekeeping and laundry. She’ll have caregivers lifting her heavy hamper up and down the stairs to the laundry room.

If your mom’s diet has changed, she needs someone to help her make decisions in the grocery store. Reading the fine print on nutrition labels may not be easy. As you age, it’s normal to find small print harder to read. Your mom can have caregivers with her to read the labels for her.

If your mom is on new medications, it’s often hard to remember to take them. She’ll benefit from medication reminders. Her caregiver is there to remind her to take her pills, stay with her if she has a hard time with the side effects, and help her order refills when she’s running low.

She Has Someone Around When She Needs Someone

Companion care at home offers something other home care services like housekeeping, personal care, and laundry don’t. Your mom has someone with her for peace of mind. She may feel scared or confused by her new diagnosis. Sitting at home alone makes it worse.

She can do things around her home and still require caregivers. With companion care at home, your mom has someone around to provide the friendship and support she needs. Call to learn more about prices.

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