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Benefits of In-Home Care to Meet Your Parent’s Goals

What are your parents’ goals as they age? It would be best if you discussed plans with them to determine the benefits of in-home care. Gather the decision-makers in your family, sit down with your parents, and ask these questions.

Is Downsizing a Goal or Not?

In-Home Care Greystone AL - Benefits of In-Home Care to Meet Your Parent's Goals
In-Home Care Greystone AL – Benefits of In-Home Care to Meet Your Parent’s Goals

Some older adults want to downsize. They have a large family home that is costing extra in heating, electricity, and taxes. If your parents want to downsize, you need to discuss what needs to be done to get the house on the market.

The house may need a deep cleaning and some organization. If there are significant repairs needed, gather estimates. They could sell to an interested buyer without making certain repairs if they rebate the repair cost or lower the asking price.

If they want to stay in their current home, address any safety issues that make aging at home more difficult. There’s only one bathroom, and it’s on the first level. The bedrooms are all on the second level. Can your parents safely navigate the stairs in the middle of the night?

Lighting, doorway and hallway width, and layout are other concerns. If your mom or dad suddenly required a walker to get around, is the doorway into the bathroom wide enough to accommodate the device, or are adjustments needed?

Do They Have a Close Circle of Friends?

Are your parents’ friends close by, or have they moved to new areas? If your parents no longer have friends in the area, loneliness is possible. Even if they don’t feel isolated or lonely now, will they months or years from now?

One aspect of aging involves changing health and eyesight. If your mom or dad had to stop driving, would they still be able to visit friends who live miles away? Or, would those visits come to an end without someone to drive them around?

How Is Their Health and How Can In-Home Care Help?

Find out if your mom or dad has any health issues. If there are underlying conditions or diseases, it can impact how well they take care of their home and themselves.

Suppose your dad had a stroke. He’s not going to be able to drive. Medication management, appointment scheduling, and a low-fat, low-sodium diet are things he has to do to stay healthy. In-home care services help with this.

Your mom fell and broke her wrist. Until it’s fully healed, she cannot button her pants or lift objects like a hamper. She’s going to need a helping hand for several weeks. If her fracture is related to low bone density, medications and a new diet are changes she’ll face.

Once you know your parents’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to aging at home, call our in-home care agency. The right in-home care plan ensures they have the support and companionship needed to age at home independently and with confidence.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering In-Home Care Services in Greystone AL please contact the caring staff at Helping Hearts Senior Care today at (205) 490-1079.

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