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Did Your Mom Skip the Flu Shot? What to Do if You Think She’s Sick

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Despite media coverage of the importance of the yearly flu shot, some people worry about side effects. As a result, there are men and women who never get the flu shot. If your mom is one of them and she contracts the flu, don’t panic. Not everyone who contracts the flu ends up needing hospital care. Here are steps to take to help her get through it.

Call Her Doctor.

At the first sign of a fever and cough, call her doctor. There are antiviral medications that can help ease the symptoms. Her doctor may want to see her to confirm it really is the flu. If you’re asked to bring her, get a medical mask to contain her germs while you wait in the waiting room. Some medical offices have these masks right on the counter when you check in.

Follow Doctor’s Recommendations.

Your mom’s doctor may recommend an antiviral to help her avoid complications from the flu. You should also ask about medications like ibuprofen to help with fever and headache. Make sure they’re recommended before you start giving them to your mom.

Know When to Seek Emergency Care.

Your mom may be fine recuperating at home. If more troubling symptoms occur, get her to the emergency room. Signs to watch for include trouble breathing or chest pain, a fever that returns, dizziness, and confusion. If more than two weeks pass and she’s still sick, it’s also best to have her looked at to rule out pneumonia.

Serve Plenty of Beverages.

Tea, water, fruit juice, and seltzer are all good options for keeping your mom hydrated while she recovers. Aim for a glass each hour or two. Warm tea can help with the congestion, but any drink she’s willing to consume is beneficial. Try to avoid high-sugar beverages or caffeinated drinks that may keep her from taking naps or sleeping at night.

Make Sure She Gets Plenty of Rest.

Don’t let your mom exert herself. If she’s worried about getting the laundry done, do it for her. If you have to work or have other obligations, hire a senior care aide to take care of the tasks she worries about. Caregivers can make meals for her, ensure she drinks enough, and keep up with laundry and cleaning.

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