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Mom’s Moving In – Do These Six Things Right Now

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The decision’s been made to move your mom to your house. You don’t live close enough to help her age in place. The goal is to provide her home care needs in your home. Before the big move, make sure you’ve completed these six things.

Hold a Family Meeting.

Even a family that gets along well may feel stressed as a new person moves in. Hold a family meeting to discuss concerns. It’s a good time to assign roles. If your mom wants to be able to cook for everyone and it’s something she can do, put her on meal duty. Teens can do the dishes while you do laundry.

You might not get everyone to feel comfortable, but an open attitude can help people get past their anxieties. It makes it easier to embrace the move with an open mind.

Let Her Pick Her Colors and Decor.

It’s your house, but it’s her room. Let her have a say in what colors are used in her room. She may want to bring her own furnishings. Measure them and see what will fit and what doesn’t. If she wants new furnishings, give her the measurements and let her pick her favorite items out.

Create a Bathroom Schedule.

Unless you have a bathroom for everyone, create a bathroom schedule. This will ease future arguments and annoyance. Schedule it so that the first people out get the bathroom first. There will be emergencies from time to time, but the schedule can help with normal routines.

Make Sure Her New Living Space Gives Her Privacy.

Your mom probably feels uncomfortable having to move into your home. It’s going to be a big change. Make sure she has privacy in her new living space. If possible, give her a bedroom that’s large enough to have a sitting area where she can work on a favorite hobby, read a book, or watch movies without the grandchildren interrupting her. Even if she adores them, she’ll want time to herself every now and then.

Create Your Own Private Space, Too.

You’ll also need privacy. Make sure you have a place where you can go for a break. Depending on your finances, you may have to set it up in an already finished room. If there’s money, you might be able to put in a private retreat above a garage or in a basement that’s just for you.

Research Respite Care Services.

Home care is important. Even if you work from home or have other family members helping with your mom’s care, you’re going to need breaks. Respite care services from caregivers make sure that happens.

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